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It is our goal to provide healthy, nourishing, high-quality beef – the best product on the market. From the hay that we feed our cattle grown on our farm to the corn we provide, we know every ingredient, where it comes from, and ensure that it is the highest quality. We take pride in knowing that in every step of the process, we provide the best for our cattle and for you.

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What Makes Silva's Different

  • 102 years of ranch experience means we really know our beef!
  • We cross-breed Black Angus bred with Charolais
  • We raise our beef on pasture year-round
  • Our beef are fed grasses and grains grown on our farm
  • No steroids, hormones, or artificial growth stimulants
  • We grow our beef longer for larger, tastier steaks
  • A portion of your purchase price is donated to worthy community organizations
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We Believe in Giving Back

The Silva Family is honored to give back to worthy community organizations. Upon completion of your purchase, we will donate a portion of your purchase to your choice of one of the organizations below.

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